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“Find. Book. Get on with your life.” — Schedulicity

For your convenience, and because of our psychotherapists’ busy schedules, the practice provides an online scheduling service through Schedulicity.


This system allows you direct access to your psychotherapist’s calendar to schedule each session at a time and frequency convenient for you, to view upcoming sessions, and to cancel and reschedule appointments as needed.

Schedulicity features:

Accessibility from any computer, tablet, or smartphone via the web or the Schedulicity app.

Ability to sync appointments with Google or iCal calendars.

Emailed confirmations of scheduled appointments and cancellations.


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Schedule your first session today!

Simply use the widget below or visit directly. As most clients set appointments as they go (often same- or next-day), scheduling is typically quite flexible. 


Scheduling Widget

Scroll Down

on widget to see all available appointment times.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are experiencing an emergency (i.e. – imminent risk of suicide, physical self-harm, or homicide; or potentially serious medical complications from an eating disorder or withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines), immediately visit your nearest emergency room.  DO NOT wait for a scheduled appointment with one of our psychotherapists.



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