Fees & Payments

Fees & Payments


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Psychotherapy benefits…


Romantic Relationships





Physical Health

Mental Health

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Professional Fees

Fees vary based upon the start time of each session, as shown above (click on fees chart to enlarge). This fee structure is meant to encourage clients with greater availability to leave open the more popular evening times for clients with less flexible schedules. 

The practice offers reduced fees for all college and graduate students.


To seek reimbursement for your psychotherapist’s services through your insurance company, please review and follow the steps outlined in our Fees & Payments disclosure (click below). As a courtesy for your convenience, upon your request, the practice will submit to your insurance for reimbursement on your behalf. 

Clients of Ms. O’Neil will only be eligible for insurance reimbursement for services rendered after she is independently licensed (anticipated Summer 2018).

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For your convenience, you may make payments in any of the following ways:

Automatic Debit/Credit Card Payments: The simplest way to make payments is to allow the practice to automatically deduct any payments due from the same debit/credit card each time a service is rendered. Just complete an Ongoing Debit/Credit or HSA Authorization form.

Square: Pay securely online using a Debit/Credit Card. Just click the Square button above to visit Square.com or use our widget  below.

Check: Make payable to your psychotherapist.


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