Life Transitions

Life Transitions

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How Can Psychotherapy Help? 

Depending on individual clients’ needs, our psychologists utilize the following evidence-based psychotherapies to assist both adults and adolescents in navigating life transitions.


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT): Observing the futility of directing significant mental energy toward avoiding psychological pain, clients discover how essential this energy is to the pursuit of a fuller, more meaningful life – a life that fits with one’s deepest values and brings lasting contentment.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Learning shortcuts to recognizing and refuting overly negative thinking patterns, clients revise (develop more positive, realistic thinking) their typical ways of viewing themselves, other people, and the world.

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT): The client resolves specific  ongoing interpersonal difficulties (interpersonal role disputes, role transitions, grief reactions, or interpersonal deficits) that are impeding personal growth.


If one or more of the following describe how you are coping with a major transition in your life, you would likely benefit from psychotherapy.

You Tend to…

Feel stuck dwelling on the past, fantasizing or worrying about the future.

Cling to rigid rules or expectations, self-limiting beliefs, criticisms, or judgments.

Constantly try to avoid painful feelings, thoughts, or memories.

View yourself as broken, damaged, unlovable, weak, or unintelligent.

Define yourself overwhelmingly in terms of a particular, occupation, illness, etc.

Feel unclear about, neglect, or act inconsistently with your deepest values.

Engage in impulsive, avoidant, or self-defeating behaviors.

psychologists Baltimore
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